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Maljat Stone

Workers in stone processing plant and machine maintenance

Job Posting is active until 06. June
Permanent/Temp contractFull-time

Maljat stone AD, the largest and oldest natural stone company in Montenegro, is currently expanding its production team and is looking for qualified candidates for the following positions:

Stone Cutting and Processing Machine Operator

Machine and Equipment Maintenance Worker


✓ Performing tasks related to the production process in accordance with company requirements
✓ Collaborating with the team to achieve optimal results
✓ Proper handling of tools and equipment
✓ Adhering to all safety regulations

✓ Vocational education in construction, mechanical, or electrical field (preferred)
✓ Relevant work experience (preferred)
✓ Driver's license (preferred)
✓ Team spirit and good communication skills

✓ Stable employment in a successful company with a long-standing tradition
✓ Opportunity for permanent employment
✓ Competitive salary and various benefits
✓ Transportation provided
✓ Opportunity for advancement
Interested candidates can send their documentation to the email address:
or personally/mail it to the address: II Dalmatinske bb, 81410 Danilovgrad

For more information about us and our activities, you can visit our website:
or contact us at numbers: 020 812 719, 020 812 477, 020 266 666067 813 013

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