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Fort Castello

Seafood restaurant & lounge bar
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O nama

The Castello complex consists of two restaurants with medetirrenean cuisine: La Cantina near Marina & lounge bar terrace on the second level. Welcome to spend your time in a good atmosphere.

Above the pier in Petrovac in 16th century Venetians built a fortress, after which the whole place got the name of Kastel Lastva. In the fortress was situated permanent Venetian garrison. There were located stockrooms to accommodate wine and other products which were exported from there by boats. Around the fortress Venetians build Lazaretto, sanitary building, which was mainly used as a quarantine accommodation for sailors. The Fort and Lazaret make a recognizable part of the landscape of Petrovac. Fort Castello is one of the symbols of Petrovac and unavoidable motif on many postcards. The fortress offers a magnificent view of the sea, the promenade and the beach. In recent decades, with the construction of docks and restaurants, once-abandoned site is revived.