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O nama

Our people are passionate, curious, well-rounded, motivated and dynamic, with something different to contribute. They’re enthusiastic about everything they do, and are creative, unstoppable, clever and proactive.

Each of the over 164,900 people who make up Inditex is important to the success of the company. We are in a constant state of growth and evolution, and since our origins, internal promotion within our teams has been key to continuing to grow together.

  • 182 nationalities
  • 70+ languages
  • 75% women
  • 29.6 average age

Our goal is for each person, as they are, to develop their full potential as part of a diverse, creative and innovative team.

Proces selekcije

Proces selekcije kandidata

Show who you are

If we've invited you to an interview it's for a reason— we're interested in you. Show us who you really are, what you're passionate about and what makes you unique. Dress in your own style, express yourself in your own style, speak in your own style— just be you and everything will be fine. What do you want to know about us? And about the position? Your responsibilities? The team? Don’t be afraid to ask! This is the moment to clear up any doubts; we’ll always have an answer for you.

Show an interest in us

You don't need to know the number of stores we have or the year the company was founded, but you do need to know what we are trying to do from here. We want to know what you think of Inditex and where you think you can help us improve. Visit some of our stores and have a look at the group's e-commerce platforms— we want to hear your opinion.

What we expect from you

Well-rounded, motivated, dynamic, international, creative, energetic, clever, inventive, proactive, self-starter... Sound familiar? Perhaps you’re someone for Inditex.

Iskustva zaposlenih

Iskustva zaposlenih

Iskustva zaposlenihVenislavaStore Manager"We work very closely together. There is no difference between the managers and the rest of the team. We want everyone to share ideas, so I think we're on the right track."Iskustva zaposlenihChristieSection Manager"This company challenges you in a positive sense; it challenges you to grow, to improve, to develop your full potential."Iskustva zaposlenihJuliaArea Visual Merchandiser"My team is very different; each person has different experiences and comes from a different background, and they have a lot to offer. Our days wouldn't be the same without the people I work with every day."Iskustva zaposlenihMaríaSustainability"Sustainability is one more piece in the way business is done. When I see a product in the stores, I feel proud to think that we get it to the customer in a responsible way."Iskustva zaposlenihMehdiDesigner"It's very exciting, because you're designing for millions of people. You have the opportunity to see your creation on real people, and that's really a special moment."Iskustva zaposlenihCarlosLogistics and Operations"To learn everyday, improve and adapt to the circumstances, I believe being humble is very important. It's a basis for work, and of course doing things properly."
Benefiti za zaposlene

Benefiti za zaposlene

Benefiti za zaposleneDruštvena odgovornostOur people get involved. They can become charity ambassadors for Inditex, promoting and participating in different social projects such as Salta, Teaming and Social Energy. Together we can contribute to a better society through the company.Benefiti za zaposleneKompanijski popustiWe’re passionate about fashion, we live it every day. Our employees receive a 25% discount on all the Inditex group’s brands to use both in physical stores and online through our sales websites.Benefiti za zaposleneEdukacija, profesionalno usavršavanjeWe never stop learning. In addition to on-the-job training, our teams are kept up to date in fashion through different e-learning and training programs. In addition, we’ve expanded our offer through agreements with recognised companies such as Busuu for language learning. You will grow by learning.Benefiti za zaposleneObuke, konferencijeOur internal talent is our greatest asset. The growth and evolution of our people is what allows us to continue growing and evolving as a company. With programs such as Intalent and Inditex Go! we can identify the potential and interests of our teams and offer them opportunities to develop their careers with us.

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